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The Quinte Consort, Kingston Ontario

The Quinte Consort of Kingston Ontario has been around since the 80's. Its current members each have decades of performing experience, as soloists and as members of this and other performing ensembles from across the country.  While the consort specializes in Medieval, Renaissance and Baroque music performed on period instruments, the musicians are keen to apply their instruments and talents to all musical styles and moods: Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, Romantic, Jazz, Swing, Blues, or, Pop.  Most of the musicians hold university degrees from prestigious universities, and have been tutored by some of the leading pedagogues in the field of Early Music. There are also composers and arrangers in the group, so virtually any musical  request can be met with advance notice. 

         The sound of this unusual instrumental combination is beautiful and absolutely unique. These were the instruments played by the professional musicians of old, heard in all of the most influential courts of Europe. The majestic sound of the cornetto,  an early brass instrument, recalls the glory and  fanfare of Royal processions, without the harsh, metallic sounds of modern brass instruments.  Recorders, the original flutes in Europe, enjoyed renown as the virtuoso instruments that best rivaled and 'recorded' the human voice.  They were a favorite of King Henry VIII, who had a collection of several hundred instruments made by the best craftsmen, ensuring that his recorder players always had the finest instruments with which to entertain him.  Quinte recorder players use high quality wooden copies of ancient instruments, producing a mellow, yet highly focused sound, capable of extreme virtuosic feats, and varying moods.  Early cellos, known as Viola da Gamba, provide support with rich bass lines.  Like other earlier instruments, their sound is more subdued, and richer than modern instruments.  The rackett, also known as a 'sausage bassoon' in German, provides yet more instrumental color.  It supports the bass, with its distinctive reedy sound, that is still more subtle, pleasant and less nasal than modern instruments.

            With the Quinte Consort, the instruments, look, sound, and feel will take your event from the commonplace to the extraordinary and exceptional. Imagine "Trumpet Voluntary," played on a cornetto, a subtle brass instrument, with recorders, rackett, and Viol da gamba supporting?  Your guests will marvel at  these amazing instruments and their wonderful sounds, and your event will not soon be forgotten!