Music Engraving, Transcription, Copying, and Arranging Services

by Lisa

For music engraving and copying, Lisa uses the professional version of Finale 2012 to create stunning scores and parts that are perfectly notated, professionally laid out and ready for publication or upload.  You will receive a printed copy of your score, as well as a digital file in a number of formats including .pdf, .jpeg, MusicXML, epub, and Smartmusic.  You can also have a .wav file of your music.  Lisa can edit and format your manuscripts, extract individual parts from your score, transpose any instrument, or transpose the entire work.

If you do not have a manuscript or score, Lisa can transcribe your music from a recording, and then generate the requisite sheet music.  Please note, however, that recordings must be digitized: no vinyl or cassettes, please.  Lisa has an excellent ear, with a strong sense of rhythm. She is adept at detecting time signatures and syncopation.  Much of her transcription experience is linked to her skills as a composer, as she transcribes the music she imagines into accurate, workable sheet music for herself and her musical partners.

Music arranging services incorporate a variety of functions, including working with song-writers to flesh out ideas; re-writing orchestral music for wind ensembles; taking scores written for large instrumental forces and reducing them for smaller forces such as string quartet or piano.  Lisa is adept at arranging music for unusual ensembles (such as those in which she participates), and adapting music written for one instrument to another.

Lisa's services are useful to those in academic settings who are perhaps a bit technically challenged.  Having completed a Ph.D., published in academic journals, and taught at the university level, Lisa understands the need for clear, legible worksheets, or camera ready musical examples.  Publishing  or presenting Schenkerian analysis?  No problem.  She can even create your handouts/powerpoint slides for you for lectures or presentations.

At this time, Lisa accepts work from anywhere in Canada or the USA.  She works from her office in Kingston, Ontario. Please contact her for rates.


Click on the hyperlink below to see an example of an arrangement with a realized figured bass, unusual instrumentation, conversion from .pdf to .jpg, and part extraction:


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