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           Music is primarily a form of communication, and Lisa believes that you can learn to express yourself through music better if the environment is relaxed, fun, friendly and free of judgement.  It's not entirely accurate to believe that classical music is always serious music performed by very serious people in formal evening wear!  Rehearsals for many professional musicians are filled with a lot of laughter.  It's sometimes way too much fun to be considered working! Even the musicians of the Lafayette String Quartet joke that they are the "Laugh-ayette" quartet in rehearsals.  Join Lisa on a musical adventure that provides a contextual approach to music lessons, and be surprised at how much fun you can have being serious!

          Lisa has been teaching for over 20 years starting at the University of Western Ontario, then landing in Victoria at the University of Victoria and at the Victoria Conservatory of Music. She has recently relocated to Kingston, Ontario, and looks forward to establishing her studio there. She offers private or group lessons on the recorder and the clarinet, as well as instruction in RCM music history, RCM music theory, tonal composition, song writing and Early Music performance practice techniques.  Lisa is also uniquely placed among local recorder teachers, as the recorder is her primary instrument, and she has received advanced post-graduate level instruction on this instrument.  All levels of students are welcome, and exam preparation for the RCM is available, as well as preparation for auditions, or festivals.  Though examinations and performances are highly encouraged, they are not a requirement to study with Lisa.  Lessons and repertoire are tailored to the unique goals, musical interests and tastes of each student. 



Lisa offers lessons in recorder, clarinet, RCM music theory, RCM music history, composition and song writing to all levels of students aged 12+ in the Kingston Ontario Area. Private and group lessons available.  Online music lessons are also available.


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